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Expo Hostel Prague: A Surprisingly Good Stay Amidst Initial Doubts

During my recent visit to Prague, I had the opportunity to stay at Expo Hostel, an experience that turned out to be much better than I had initially feared. I had read quite a few negative reviews before my trip, and I have to admit, they gave me second thoughts. But due to some booking constraints, I found myself unable to cancel, and in the end, I'm glad I couldn't. Let me share my firsthand experience with you.

Right from the start, Expo Hostel made an impression with its unique and spacious design. The hostel had a modern and futuristic vibe, which I really liked. Cleanliness was clearly a priority, and it was evident in how well-maintained the entire place was.

While the negative reviews had initially raised concerns, I found that most of the issues weren't deal-breakers for my short one-night stay. Some small conveniences like the lack of bins in the bathroom and the absence of hangers or shelves near the showers didn't bother me much, given the short duration of my stay. But I could see how these things might be more of an issue for longer stays.

Expo Hostel is located in Prague's Prague 7 district, which is pretty convenient. It's close to important attractions like Municipal House, the Historical Building of the National Museum of Prague, and Prague Astronomical Clock, making it a good base for exploring.

The rooms at Expo Hostel are equipped with basic amenities, including a table, which was handy. The shared bathrooms have showers and hairdryers, and the rooms come with free WiFi. I appreciated that they provided clean bed linen and towels for everyone.

In terms of pricing, it's worth noting that I paid £29 for my one-night stay, which seemed quite reasonable for what was offered.

Navigating my way to the hostel and getting in was a bit more complicated than I expected. The process requires you to use your mobile phone and internet to open both the main door and the individual capsule doors. Once I got the hang of it, it wasn't too bad, but the initial setup can be a bit confusing.

Like with any place, there were a few areas that could be improved. The ladies' shower, for instance, could use some maintenance. The water drainage wasn't great, and the shower head didn't stay in place very well. These were minor inconveniences in the grand scheme of things, but addressing them could definitely enhance the overall experience.

In conclusion, my stay at Expo Hostel Prague turned out to be quite positive, despite the concerns I had based on negative reviews. The modern design, cleanliness, and reasonable prices make it a decent option for travelers looking for a comfortable stay. While I can't speak for longer stays, my short visit left me satisfied with my decision to stick with my booking.

Warm regards, Shai

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