Discovering Atlanta

As the warm weather and sunshine approaches, I’m looking forward to exploring more of this city that I now call home. Now that I’m well adjusted to working nights, I’ve found that having the entire day to myself is the most beneficial aspect of all. I’m able to take my time and enjoy all that Atlanta has to offer.

Here’s what I’ve spent my time doing most recently:

Healthy Eating: Since moving to Atlanta, I’ve gotten off track when it comes to maintaining a healthy diet. There were so many new restaurants that I wanted to try and I completely abandoned all of my healthy eating habits that once existed when I still lived in Michigan. Now I’m ready to get back to eating as clean as possible with the occasional treat. I discovered this cute healthy food cafe near Little Five Points, Kale Me Crazy. I opted for the Acai Bowl and Almond Butter Toast; talk about a lunch that fills you up and leaves you feeling energized. Kale Me Crazy will definitely be added to my list of frequent places to visit when I have a craving for something amazing.

Thrifting: This is one of my favorite hobbies of all time. I have no idea why but, I feel like I can never find the clothes that I find while thrifting, at chain stores. Maybe I just like the vintage feel. Near downtown Atlanta, I found this cute little thrift shop, No Signal. Not like your average thrift store, No Signal carries some of the most famous brands: Dior, Chanel, D&G, etc. Here’s one outfit in particular that I absolutely loved:

Roaming: One thing I’ve learned about Atlanta is that it’s a big city made up of small communities. You have areas such as Little Five Points, Five Points, Midtown, Downtown, Edgewood, etc. My best advice is to visit each, park in a neighborhood, and stroll through the area. You’re always guaranteed to find a strip or two of restaurants, boutiques, thrift shops, and more. Also, if you love taking pictures just as much as I do, you’ll always find the perfect photo-op somewhere along the way.

I’m excited to get to know more of Atlanta this summer. As you all know from my latest post, Blessings in Disguise, I’ll be going back to school in the fall so, I’m determined to make this summer the best. Living simply and enjoying the sunshine is my mantra for this journey.